There is a life after this life I believe...
After closing my eyes, my helpers carrying me across the Nile
and prepairing me for my last travel which is started out of my crypt....
I have to travel trough the underworld to reach wells of Immortality....
When I touch this silver liquid I will live forever...

On three songs ROMERIUM plays the SY99 only.
In the other songs ROMERIUM uses cubase with several plugins,
mainly from HG fortune.

Sleeve-design by Michel bekkering.

Released: 08 november 2008

PHARAOH'S IMMORTALITY is the first album of Romerium
This album ROMERIUM follows an Egyptian Pharao in his last travel
to his immortality, after his life on earth.
In that time the Egyptians believed there is a life after the death.
so the pharaoh got amulets, food an even weapons with him to defence himself against the underworld, to reach his final destination.