Our spacecraft is traveling to the unknown
on the search for an earth like left behind
desperately we hope to find a new earth
perhaps it's nearer than we thought

so we set course on Nebula
which is beautiful but so far away
traveling 10.000 times the speed of light
but our time is running out soon

our source of life is completely destroyed
and we left just in time
leaving everything behind
and there is no way back

This album consists of 4 impressions from Nebula.
Its very deep, mysterious, serene and atmospheric with berliner shule influenced sequences, percussions and solo's
This is another ultimum space trip experience !

The artwork image's are paintings from Lenie Wijnen.

VSTi's used in this project are:

H.G. Fortune's: Alien Space weaver, Scapes Wizzard Pro,
Serenity Pro, Altair 4, The Tiger
Rob Papen's: Predator, Blue II
Dmitry sches's: Diversion, Tantra
Halion Sonic SE

Released: 27 August 2016