A collaboration album from me and Martin Neuhold.

This album is a narrative of thoughts and memories, feelings, a deep, thoughtful ambient collection.
From the opening track, which is utterly amazing, (and sets the lovely, wistful, or is it wishful, tone), the album delivers excellent composing and musical results from both Neuhold and Romerium.
(Both artists are noted for their creative force.)
The violin track in the opening piece is gorgeous, and perfectly delivered against a backdrop of ocean waves and swells of synth. More of the same follows.

The album mixes instruments very nicely, keeping the music interesting and fluid. There are some great atmospheric passages, some tightly wrought guitar riffs and leads, various synths dancing throughout; chorale accents and some interesting sounds.
The album ends up on a darker note with Abyss. A great mix of elements.

Beyond The Horizon is a thoroughly enjoyable collaborative album from these two practiced, well versed, artists.