Clouds are passing by
In many forms and shapes
Seen by people of generations before

Clouds are here as long as I can remember
I'm just wondering what they have seen
Through all those years and times before

Misery and pain from the past
Is falling down like rain
From a dark grey sky

Love and happyness from the past
Are painted by clouds
In a clear blue sky

Romerium takes us on an open, expansive musical journey through the aether with an excellent new EM album aptly titled Clouds.
Seven pieces filled with lovely music and sound.
My favorite track is Nimbostratus, a lovely ambient play of synths and bells against a backdrop of a soft steady rain.

CLOUDS is the 10'th album from Romerium.
It consists of seven instrumental musical impressions of different types of clouds.
Guest musician on track 4 is Martin Neuhold

All tracks composed, played, mixed and mastered by ROMERIUM
All artwork are painted by Lenie Wijnen.